Senior citizens receive allowance at doorsteps in Achham

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Achham - Visually impaired Bharu Bhujel, 82, a resident of Kuika in Kamal Bazaar Municipaliti-5, was extremely happy to when she received her social security allowance at her home.

Octogenarian Bhujel felt relieved over the fact that she did not have to walk to the bank for the social security allowance any more. Ishara Kami, too, is happy to receive the allowance in her own home. The bank was far, and it was very difficult for differently-abled Kami to reach the bank. When the chairman of the munic-ipality came to her home with her social security money, Kami became extremely happy. Senior citizens Khanti Devkota and Bharu Neupane of the same municipal-ity also received social security allow-ance in their own homes.

Mayor Satya Raj Timilsina said that they distributed the social security allowance to the senior citizens of Kui-kaka, Barpipal, Nagtolaa, Layata, Bhul-wang, Kosdada and Sundarbasti reach-ing their homes. Timilsina said, “After obtaining written consent from the recipients of the social security allowance, we have handed over the allowance to the con-cerned people and it has been a big help for the elderly who have difficulty in walking.” The data shows there are 740 people are receiving social security allowance and nutrition allowance in Kamal Bazaar Municipality.