Technological progress has both opportunity and challenge: Finance Minister Dr Mahat

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Kathmandu: Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has said technological development has both opportunities and challenges. Inaugurating the 25th annual general meeting of the Society of Economic Journalists (SEJON) in the federal capital today, Minister Dr Mahat viewed like politics, journalism is also undergoing a test.

Technology has posed challenges before politics, security, bureaucracy, private sector and journalism alike, the Minister reiterated, underscoring professionalism and accountability in all sectors.

"After I assumed office at Finance Ministry, I'm devoted for the country and people," he shared. He further informed that he was always ready to own up his decisions and to listen to journalists' queries.

The Minister was for continuous interaction with SEJON. He also sought cooperation from banking and private sectors and media to boost national economy.

According to him, tourism sector is being revived and there is adequate foreign currency reserve. Government is committed to address the problems facing national economy.